The management tool that brings out the best in your organization.


Through short, easy and fun interactions the 2daysmood Pulse Platform® gathers valuable insights for your organization. Not once a year, but all year round.

Secure & anonymous

Security is our top priority. All information is processed and stored 100% safe and anonymous at all times.

New insights

An online real-time dashboard as well as useful team reports. 2daysmood provides your organization continuously with valuable information.

Get results

Everything you pay attention to, grows.Invest in the working experience in your organization to get the best from your employees every day.

Quick and fun!

Interactions with 2daysmood are always short, easy and fun. That way we make sure that people enjoy using 2daysmood in all layers of the organization.

Our Mission

What is the makes a successful organization? It’s the team. Having a happy workforce, that feels valued and recognized, and that is engaged and speaks proudly of their organization, is the most effective and durable way to grow as an organization. And therefore the best way to serve your customers and your shareholders too.

That is why the purpose of 2daysmood is to make working lives happier for everyone.

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It is our mission to make working lives happier for everyone.


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